vol6 no2 (20)/2012



Adam Adamowicz, Piotr Grześ
Convective Cooling of a Disc Brake During Single Braking

Jacek Bałchanowski, Antoni Gronowicz
Design and Simulations of Wheel-Legged Mobile Robot

Paweł Baranowski, Paweł Bogusz, Paweł Gotowicki, Jerzy Małachowski
Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Offroad Vehicle Tire: Coupons Testing and FE Model Development

Leszek Cedro
Identification of an Electrically Driven Manipulator Using the Differential Filters  – Input Error Method

Adam Czaplicki, Krzysztof Dziewiecki, Tomasz Sacewicz
Identification of Internal Loads at the Selected Joints and Validation of a Biomechanical Model During Performance of the Handspring Front Somersault

Marek Dźwiarek
Practical Examples of Determination of Frequency of Periodical Inspection of Machinery Safety Systems

Marcin Graba
Numerical Verification of the Relationship Between The “In-Plane Geometric Con-Straints” used in Fracture Mechanics Problems

Antoni Gronowicz, Jarosław Szrek, Sławomir Wudarczyk
A Rig for Testing the Leg of a Wheel-Legged Robot

Jerzy Jaroszewicz , Krzysztof K. Żur
Limitation of Cauchy Function Method in Analysis of Estimators of Frequency and Form of Natural Vibrations of Circular Plate with Variable Thickness and Clamped Edges

Tadeusz Kaczorek
Positive Realizations for Descriptor Discrete-Time Linear Systems

Józef Knapczyk , Mateusz Ryska
Stiffness Matrix Analysis of Six-Revolute Serial Manipulator

Igor Maciejewski
Load-Dependent Controller of the Active Seat Suspension with Adaptive Mass Recognizing

Adam Niesłony, Michał Böhm
Mean Stress Value in Spectral Method for the Determination of Fatigue Life

Grzegorz Orzechowski, Janusz Frączek
Integration of the Equations of Motion of Multibody Systems Using Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation

Andrzej A. Stępniewski
Loads of Lower Limb Joints During Bicycle Ride

Andrzej Zbrowski, Wojciech Jóźwik
Impact Process Identification for Impact Cylinder Piston