vol6 no1 (19)/2012



Jacek Mateusz Bajkowski
Design, Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Linear, Magnetorheological Damper

Wiesław Barnat, Robert Panowicz, Tadeusz Niezgoda, Paweł Dybcio
Numerical Analysis of IED Detonation Effect on Steel Plate

Wiesław Barnat, Robert Panowicz, Tadeusz Niezgoda
Numerical and Experimental Comparison of Combined Multilayer Protective Panels    

Jarosław Bieniaś, Monika Ostapiuk, Barbara Surowska
Fractography and Damage Analysis of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Under Static and Dynamic Loading at Elevated Temperatures   

Stefan Bućko, Henryk Jodłowski, Marcin Trzebicki
Numerical-Experimental Analysis of Plastic Flow Beginning Phase Round the Hole in the Thin Shield Under Tension   

Łukasz Czerech, Roman Kaczyński, Andrzej Werner
Machining Error Compensation for Objects Bounded by Curvilinear Surfaces   

Mariusz Faszczewski, Grzegorz Górski, Romuald Mosdorf
Applying Recurrence Plots to Identify Borders Between Two-Phase Flow Patterns in Vertical Circular Mini Channel   

Małgorzata A. Jankowska, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska, Henryk Kamiński
Evaluation of the Accuracy of the Solution to the Heat Conduction Problem with the Interval Method of Crank-Nicolson Type   

Paweł Lindstedt, Karol Golak
Premises of Parametrical Assessment of Turbojet Engine in Flight Regulation Condition During Ground Test   

Robert Panowicz, Wiesław Barnat, Tadeusz Niezgoda, Leszek Szymańczyk, Julian Grzymkowski
Numerical-Experimental Investigation of Squared-Based Metal Pyramids Loaded
with A Blast Wave From A Small Explosives Charge

Bogdan Sapiński, Jacek Snamina, Mateusz Romaszko
The Influence of a Magnetic Field on Vibration Parameters of a Cantilever Sandwich Beam with Embedded MR Fluid   

Andrzej Sioma
Assessment of Cutting Edge Defects Using a Vision Method   

Andrzej Sioma, Andrzej Tytko
Evaluation of the Operational Parameters Of Ropes   

Wojciech Szoka, Dariusz Szpica
Adaptation of Classic Combustion Engines To Compressed Air Supply   

Elżbieta Szymczyk, Jan Godzimirski
The Influence of Riveting Process on Sheets Fatigue Life – the Stress State Analysis   

Wojciech Tarasiuk, Leon Demianiuk
Influence of Chosen Process and Material Parameters on the Quality of Silicate Product   

Karolina Walat
Selection of the Best Method for Assessment of the Fatigue Life of Aluminium Alloys Based on the Root of the Scatter Mean-Square Value