vol2 no3 (5)/2008



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Nikat Akkus, Garip Genc, Cemal Girgin
Control of the pretension in filament winding process   

Orest Bazylevych, Orest Ivakhiv, Roman Velgan
Procedure of distances evaluation for surface inspection      

Ivars Beinarts, Anatoly Levchenkov, Peteris Balckars
Control of heating processes in transport mechatronic system using sigmoidal feed forward neural network  

Mariusz Bogdan
Computer processing of some surface images of technical objects after influence of the high temperature conditions    

Norbert Chamier-Gliszczyński 
Disassembly modeling of the mechatronic systems for reuse and recycling      

Agata Dudek
Investigation on the microstructure of the HAP and YSZ composites      

Aleksandr Gubarev, Oleg Jachno, Oksana Ganpantsurova
Cyclic-modular approach to development of electronically-mechanical control systems of the pneumatic drive    

Marek Hryniewicz, Jan Anthonis, Herman Ramon
3D apple modeling with the use of the structured light method      

Tatjana Ivanova, Janis Rudzitis
Traceability and capability control of mass measurement equipment and drift statistical analysis of national mass standards in Latvia         

Roman Z. Kacprzak
Applicability estimation of a low-cost haptic device for the purpose of steering the mobile platform    

Bronius Karaliunas
Computer modeling of the characteristics and magnetic field of single - phase commutator motor        

Gabriel Kost, Daniel Reclik
The 2 ½D algorithm in robot workspace analysis   

Mustafa Kurt, Hasan Geyik, Bilçen Mutlu, Yaşar Tatar , Ergun Nart
Design, prototype and experimental evaluation of a wheelchair treadmill     

Dmitry Litvinov, Janis Rudzitis
High frequency vibration monitoring and diagnostics of high-speed pump rolling bearings      

Cristina Pana, Viorel Stoian
A fault-tolerant control system for a hexapod mobile robot      

Ilhan Tarimer, Serkan Örücü,  Rıza Gürbüz
Developing an educational software controlling data transfer of serial and parallel ports      

Abdullah Uzun, Fahri Vatansever
Ismail Al Jazari machines and new technologies      

Marius Vasylius, Vytautas K. Augustaitis, Vytautas Barzdaitis, Marijonas Bogdevicius
Dynamics of the air blower with gyroscopic couple      

Arkady S. Yuschenko, Dmitry N. Morozov, Andrey A. Zhonin
Speech control for mobile robotic systems