vol12 no3 (45)/2018



Mariusz Banaszkiewicz, Waldemar Dudda
Applicability of Notch Stress-Strain Correction Methods to Low-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction of Turbine Rotors Subjected to Thermomechanical Loads

Bogdan Sapiński, Andrzej Matras
Investigation of Velocity Sensing In Harvesters for Magnetorheological Dampers

Heorhiy Sulym, Yosyf Piskozub, Julian Polanski
Antiplane Deformation of a Bimaterial  with Thin Interfacial Nonlinear Elastic Inclusion

Taras Nahirnyj, Kostiantyn Tchervinka
Mathematical Modeling of the Coupled Processes in Nanoporous Bodies

Piotr Wasilewski
Full-Scale Dynamometer Test of Composite Railway Brake Shoes – Study on the Effect of the reinforcing Fibre Type

Tadeusz Kaczorek
Characteristic Equations of the Standard and Descriptor Linear Electrical Circuits of Integer and Fractional Orders

Małgorzata Zdrodowska, Agnieszka Dardzińska, Monika Chorąży, Alina Kułakowska 
Data Mining Techniques as a Tool in Neurological Disorders Diagnosis

Andrzej Borawski
Simulation Study of the Process of Friction in the Working Elements of a Car Braking System at Different Degrees of Wear

Agnieszka Dardzińska, Anna Kasperczuk
Decision-Making Process in Colon Disease and Crohn’s Disease Treatment

Leszek Baranowski, Michał Siwek
Use of 3D Simulation to Design Theoretical  and Real Pipe Inspection Mobile Robot Model

Heorgij Sulym, Viktor Opanasovich, Mykola Slobodian, Yevhen Yarema
Biaxial Loading of a Plate Containing a Hole and Two Co-Axial Through Cracks

Marian Sikora
Modeling and Operational Analysis of an Automotive Shock Absorber with a Tuned Mass Damper