vol10 no2 (36)/2016



Peter Jankejech, Peter Fabian, Jozef Broncek, Yuriy Shalapko
Influence of Tempering on Mechanical Properties of Induction Bends below 540°C

Jarosław Szrek, Artur Muraszkowski, Przemysław Sperzyński
Type Synthesis, Modelling and Analysis of the Manipulator for Wheel-Legged Robot

Cezary Kownacki
Multi-UAV Flight on the Basis of Virtual Structure Combined with Behavioral Approach

Adam Niesłony, Michał Böhm, Tadeusz Łagoda, Filippo Cianetti
The Use of Spectral Method for Fatigue Life Assessment for Non-Gaussian Random Loads

Viorel Ungureanu, Dan Dubina
Influence of Corrugation Depth on Lateral Stability of Cold-Formed Steel Beams of Corrugated Webs

Petr Baron, Jozef Dobránsky, Martin Pollák, Marek Kočiško, Tomáš Cmorej
The Parameter Correlation of Acoustic Emission and High-Frequency Vibrations in the Assessment Process of the Operating State of the Technical System

Dmytro Fedorynenko, Serhii Sapon, Sergiy Boyko
Accuracy of Spindle Units with Hydrostatic Bearings

Maciej Ryś
Constitutive Modelling of Damage Evolution and Martensitic Transformation in 316L Stainless Steel

Heorgij Sulym, Imre Timar, Ihor Turchyn
Transient Vibration of an Elastic Cylinder Inserted in the Elastic Medium

Jerzy  Nachimowicz, Stanislaw Rafałowski
Modelling the Meshing of Cycloidal Gears

Zbigniew Kołakowski, Andrzej Teter
Coupled Static and Dynamic Buckling Modelling of Thin-Walled Structures in Elastic Range - Review of Selected Problems

Magdalena Łępicka, Małgorzata Grądzka-Dahlke
Direct Current and Pulsed Direct Current Plasma Nitriding of Ferrous Materials – a Critical Review