vol10 no1 (35)/2016



Sebastian Faszynka, Janusz Lewandowski, Dariusz Rozumek
Numerical Analysis of Stress and Strain in Specimens with Rectangular Cross-Section Subjected to Torsion and Bending withTorsion

Przemysław Stasiuk, Aleksander Karolczuk, Wiesław Kuczko
Analysis of Correlation between Stresses and Fatigue Lives of Welded Steel Specimens Based on Real Three-Dimensional Weld Geometry

Andrzej Wróbel, Marek Płaczek, Andrzej Buchacz
Testing of Composite Panels Used as Components of a Freight Wagon by Thermovision

Adam Lipski
Accelerated Determination of Fatigue Limit and S-N Curve by Means of Thermographic Method for X5CrNi18-10 Steel

Sławomir Romaniuk, Zdzisław Gosiewski, Leszek Ambroziak
A Ground Control Station for the UAV Flight Simulator

Viorel Ungureanu, Maria Kotełko, Jan Grudziecki
Plastic Mechanisms for Thin-Walled Cold-Formed Steel Members in Eccentric Compression

Alexander Schrek, Veronika Gajdošová, Pavol Švec
Deformation Properties of Tailor Welded Blank Made of Dual Phase Steels 

Waldemar Kołodziejczyk
Some Considerations on an Underwater Robotic Manipulator Subjected to the Environmental Disturbances Caused by Water Current

Anna Walicka, Edward Walicki
Thrust Porous Bearing with Rough Surfaces Lubricated by a Rotem-Shinnar Fluid

Łukasz Bohdal
Application of a SPH Coupled FEM Method for Simulation of Trimming of Aluminum Autobody Sheet

Anna Kulesa, Andrzej Kurek, Tadeusz Łagoda, Henryk Achtelik, Krzysztof Kluger
Low Cycle Fatigue of Steel in Strain Controled Cyclic Bending

Heorhiy Sulym, Iaroslav Pasternak, Mykhailo Tomashivskyy
Boundary Integral Equations for an Anisotropic Bimaterial with Thermally Imperfect Interface and Internal Inhomogeneities