vol10 no3 (37)/2016



Łukasz Jastrzębski, Bogdan Sapiński
Electrical Interface for a Self-Powered MR Damper-Based Vibration Reduction System

Marek Jałbrzykowski
Selected Issues Concerning Degradation of Material in the Production of Injection Molded Plastic Components

Iryna Rakocha, Vasyl Popovych
The Mathematical Modelling and Investigation of the Thermoelastic State of the Three-Ply Thermosensitive Hollow Cylinder

Emil Evin, Miroslav Tomáš, Marek Výrostek
Laser-Beam Welding Impact on the Deformation Properties of Stainless Steels When Used for Automotive Applications

Krystyna Romaniak
Identifying the Isomorphism of Kinematic Chains

Robert Pała, Ihor Dzioba
Analysis of Stress Distribution in front of the Crack Tip in the Elements of Modified and Unmodified Cast Steel G17CrMo5-5

Szymon Hernik
Wear Resistance of Piston Sleeve Made of Layered Material Structure: MMC A356R, Anti-Abrasion Layer and FGM Interface

Magdalena Bucior, Lidia Gałda, Feliks Stachowicz, Władysław Zielecki
The Effect of Technological Parameters on Intensity of Shot Peening Process of 51CrV4 Steel

Katarzyna Ciesielczyk, Katarzyna Rzeszut
Local and Distortional Buckling of Axially Loaded Cold Rolled Sigma Profiles

Andrzej Borawski
Suggested Research Method for Testing Selected Tribological Properties of Friction Components in Vehicle Braking Systems

Czesław Janusz Jermak, Mirosław Rucki
Dynamics of the Non-Contact Roundness Measurement with Air Gages

Anna Kasperczuk, Agnieszka Dardzinska
Comparative Evaluation of the Different Data Mining Techniques Used for the Medical Database

Bogdan Sapiński
Observations of MR Fluid Clumping Behaviour in a Squeeze-Mode Damper